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3 January 2024

Tips for Winter Inspection

After the recent heavy rainfall and storms, it is important to pay extra attention to the winter inspection of your boat. Here are some helpful tips to ensure that your vessel stays in top condition:

  1. Technical Check: Take some time to inspect the engine, electrical systems (such as the battery), and other technical components on board.

  2. Rigging and Sails: Examine your sails, rigging, and masts for possible damage. Replace any damaged parts to ensure everything is safe and functioning optimally, and make sure covers and/or tents are securely fastened. It's important to prevent wind from getting under the sails.

  3. Water Drainage: Check if drainage channels are not clogged. A good drainage system prevents problems caused by water accumulation. Also, inspect any covers for water buildup.

  4. Interior Inspection: Look around the interior of your boat and check for moisture and mold. Ensure adequate ventilation to reduce condensation and prevent moisture problems.

A small investment in inspection and maintenance during winter storage can prevent potential issues in the spring. Enjoy the winter break and prepare your boat for a carefree sailing season!