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Winter storage

Do you want to store your boat safely during the winter months? Of course, you can do so in our professional winter storage.

Our marina has Roodberg boat trailers that lift vessels of up to 16 tonnes out of the water. This allows us to easily and safely store both motorboats and sailboats. 

You can use winter storage from the end of September. Your boat can be launched again from the end of March. Winter storage on your own trailer is possible, please contact us.

In winter, it is extra important to take good care of your boat. You can of course leave it in the water, but it is better for the boat to be stored on shore. We will arrange this for you with ease!  Vessels up to 16 tonnes and/or 1.50 metres draft, can be taken out of the water with us. Sailing boats can be stored with standing mast on our storm-proof boat bollards.

We clean the underwater hull at our special spray-off area and store the ships in the shed or in one of the car parks. The choice is yours! The boats are stored on special Roodberg trestles. If you want to have maintenance done on your boat during the summer, you can of course also use our storage facilities.


The cost of winter storage varies per boat. The prices below are starting prices and may sometimes differ. Curious about the costs for your boat? Then contact us for a tailor-made overview.

On shore (incl. trestle)

€17,- m²

In the shed (incl. trestle)

€40,- m²

Leaving in and out of the water
schip < 8 meter


Leaving in and out of the water
schip 8-10 meter


Leaving in and out of the water
schip > 10 meter


Washing off< 8 meter


Washing off 8-10 meter


Washing off > 10 meter


Environmental charge per wash-off€25,-