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Application form winter storage

Winterstalling mogelijk vanaf eind september – Laat uw boot weer te water vanaf eind maart. Vul het onderstaande contactformulier in.

Winter storage from end September - Launch your boat again from end March

The cost of winter storage varies per boat. The prices below are starting prices and may sometimes differ. After submitting your request, we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the possibilities. If available, we will send you a confirmation.

On shore (incl. trestle)

€17,- m²

In the shed (incl. trestle)

€40,- m²

Leaving in and out of the water
schip < 8 meter


Leaving in and out of the water
schip 8-10 meter


Leaving in and out of the water
schip > 10 meter


Spray off < 8 meter


Spray off 8-10 meter


Spray off > 10 meter


Environmental charge per rinse-off€25,-

Booking in order of registration (full=full)

Additional information

You must provide your own:

  1. getting your vessel ready at the slipway on time (at least 1 day before the agreed week number
  2. maintenance, regular monitoring and supervision,
  3. winterising your vessel, biodegradable antifreeze should be used for this purpose
  4. securing the stays so they don't flap,
  5. a good winter tent (if applicable)
  6. approved antifouling (not silicone-based) and proper environmental precautions (rugs, hoover, etc.)
  7. the correct fastening of any tie-down straps (these must not be attached or tied to the boat rack).

It is prohibited to have gas cylinders on board during winter storage. Marina Resort Hart van Friesland is not liable for damage caused when lifting the ship. You need to inform Marina Resort Hart van Friesland in advance of any special details on your ship (keel, cooling pipes, etc.). Damage as a result of exceptional circumstances (e.g. the weather) is and remains at the risk of the tenant.

We cannot lift a ship from the water that has been treated with silicone-based antifouling. *
Preferred week for storage *
Grant permission *
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